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$850 Value

24/7 Fast Response Monitoring by Trained Professionals

More home security and alarm systems can be found at Home Security in Mishawaka. Did you know that during an emergency, having a professionally installed ADT monitored alarm system in your Elkhart IN might be faster than dialing 911? ADT has professionally trained dispatchers staffing four interconnected monitoring centers- 24/7, so they provide fast response to your Elkhart home. ADT will quickly dispatch any necessary emergency personnel. You can also benefit from having a look at Home Security in South Bend.

Low Monthly Monitoring Fees

Home burglar alarms are very effective from Home Security in Saginaw. Home Security Elkhart offers customers of Elkhart ADT's basic monitoring package for a low $36.99 per month. This is about $1 a day. ADT also offers their most popular monitoring package, featuring two-way voice, to Elkhart customers for only a few extra dollars. With over 130 years of home security experience, ADT can offer you the best security package for the best price. Some of the best home security information can be found at Home Security in Pontiac.

FREE* $850 Home Security System

*With $99 customer installation charge and purchase of alarm monitoring.

ADT monitored home security systems can also be found over at Home Security in Kalamazoo. You can get a free ADT monitored home security system, valued at $850, by agreeing to a 36-month commitment to their services. Once you pay the low $99 for activation, the new security system will be professionally installed in your Elkhart IN home. After the 36 months is up, the home security equipment is yours to keep. Further reading on burglar alarm systems can be found at Home Security in Flint.

Easy-to-Use Security System

Security monitoring and alarm systems are done right at Home Security in Grand Rapids. ADT monitored home security equipment is very easy to use. The wireless keychain remote lets you arm and disarm your complete security system in seconds, whether you are inside or outside of your home. When your ADT monitored security system is professionally installed, an ADT technician will make sure that you understand every aspect of your equipment! Technicians will put your alarm system monitoring functions conveniently on the control panel, where you can easily access them. Consider taking a look at Home Security in Battle Creek.

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ADT Home Security Elkhart Packages

  Two-way Voice Package Basic Package with Keyfob Cell Primary Package
*or approved digital service.
**phone line not required.
Door / Window Sensors 3 3 3
Motion Sensor 1 1 1
Keyfob 1 1 1
Two-Way Voice Yes No No
Landline Required* Yes Yes No
Built-in Cell Device** No No Yes
Setup Fee $99 $99 $Call for Details
Monthly Rates $42.99 $36.99 $Call for Details

ADT's Two-Way Voice

ADT offers its most popular security package, featuring two-way voice, to Elkhart IN residents. Two-way voice is especially helpful in homes with elderly or disabled occupants. Take comfort in knowing that direct communication with ADT is just a voice away. With two-way voice system you:

  • Get hands-free control
  • Only need to use your normal tone of voice
  • Receive a 75-foot range away from the control panel
  • Communicate directly with a live ADT dispatcher

Help protect your home with Home Security in Lansing. Did you know that ADT dispatchers can hear any signs of trouble, if you are within 75 feet of your control panel? This is due to the excellent clarity of the intercom, which is 7 times more sensitive than a baby monitor! ADT will be able to help assess any security needs in your Elkhart home, and help dispatch the appropriate emergency personnel quickly. Fast response times have made ADT the #1 home security provider in the nation! According to the National Safety Council, over 50% of deaths and 75% of disabilities from injuries happen in the home. Contact us today!

ADT Benefits

ADT offers many special benefits to Elkhart customers including fast response, 24-hour alarm system monitoring, professional installation, and superb service. In addition, you will get the 3 ADT guarantees* that have made ADT the #1 home security provider in America. Get local service in Elkhart IN.

Save Money with ADT's 3 Guarantees*

  1. Six-month money back guarantee
  2. May save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance
  3. May receive up to $500 on your insurance deductible in the rare event of a break-in

General Home Security Tips

  • Don't Open Your Door to Strangers Many burglars will try to look like a police officer or a delivery person; make them read off the address on your "package" to see if they really are who they say they are. If they aren't who they say they are, they probably won't know your address immediately.
  • Have a Family Watch Dog Having a family watch dog is always a good idea, but you can never know exactly how your dog will react in an emergency. It is a better idea to have an ADT monitored home security system and a family watch dog both working together to help keep your home and family as safe as possible.
  • Talk with a Locksmith For doors that have windows (or windowed frames) find different options to standard deadbolts. Talk with a locksmith to see what's available.
  • Make a Fire Escape Plan Make a fire escape plan for your family, and include practice drills on a yearly basis.
  • Keep Sidewalk or Walkway Clear of Snow when on Vacation In the winter, have someone you know shovel the snow off your sidewalk or walkway. During the summer, keep your grass trimmed while you're away.

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